Information Visualization

Research and implementation of visualizations to evaluate their effects on the communication of information. Our research is focused on: visual explanations of Artificial Intelligence, data analysis and storytelling. We constantly carry out user studies using quantitative and qualitative methods to validate our research.


Ivania Donoso, Hernán Valdivieso, Manuela Garretón


Katrien Verbert (KU Leuven, Belgium), Chaoli Wang, Tobias Schreck

Latest publications

  1. Interpretable Contextual Team-aware Item Recommendation: Application in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games
    Villa, Andrés, Araujo, Vladimir, Cattan, Francisca, and Parra, Denis
    In Proceedings of the 14th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems 2020
  2. Analyzing the Design Space for Visualizing Neural Attention in Text Classification
    Parra, Denis, Valdivieso, Hernán, Carvallo, Andrés, Rada, Gabriel, Verbert, Katrien, and Schreck, Tobias
    In Proc. IEEE VIS Workshop on Vis X AI: 2nd Workshop on Visualization for AI Explainability (VISxAI) 2019
  3. #Default #Interactiveart #Audiencexperience
    Garretón, Manuela, Rihm, Andrea, and Parra, Denis
    In Companion Proceedings of The 2019 World Wide Web Conference 2019
  4. Moodplay: Interactive Music Recommendation based on Artists’ Mood Similarity
    Andjelkovic, Ivana, Parra, Denis, and O’Donovan, John
    International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 2018
  5. CNVis: A Web-Based Visual Analytics Tool for Exploring Conference Navigator Data
    Bailey, Samuel M., Wei, Justin A., Wang, Chaoli, Parra, Denis, and Brusilovsky, Peter
    In IS&T Electronic Imaging 2018 Symposium 2018
  6. An Interactive Relevance Feedback Interface for Evidence-Based Health Care
    Donoso-Guzman, Ivania, and Parra, Denis
    In 23rd Conference on Intelligent User interfaces 2018
  7. Moodplay: Interactive Mood-based Music Discovery andRecommendation
    Andjelkovic, Ivana, Parra, Denis, and O’Donovan, John
    In Proceedings of the UMAP Conference 2016
  8. Visualizing recommendations to support exploration, transparency and controllability
    Verbert, Katrien, Parra, Denis, Brusilovsky, Peter, and Duval, Erik
    In Proceedings of the 2013 international conference on Intelligent user interfaces 2013
  9. A field study of a visual controllable talk recommender
    Parra, Denis, and Brusilovsky, Peter
    In Proceedings of the 2013 Chilean Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 2013