Welcome to HAIVis!

Human-centered Artificial Intelligence and Visualization group at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

HAIVis (Human-centered AI and Visualization) is a research group at PUC Chile, part of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory . As AI technologies progress from applications involving mostly machines towards AI systems interacting with humans (Human-AI interaction), there is a need to investigate this interaction in order to develop AI systems which amplify human performance on different task, but with a clear focus on humans: effective, fair, accountable, and transparent. With the aim of addressing this need, we conduct research in the following lines:

  • Recommender Systems and Intelligent User Interfaces
  • Information Visualization
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence
  • Creative Artificial Intelligence
  • AI applied to the Medical domain

You can find our software such as PyRecLab recommendation library and other projects in our Github organization.

Selected publications

  1. Clinically Correct Report Generation from Chest X-Rays Using Templates
    Pino, Pablo, Parra, Denis, Besa, Cecilia, and Lagos, Claudio
    In Machine Learning in Medical Imaging 2021
  2. Automatic document screening of medical literature using word and text embeddings in an active learning setting
    Carvallo, Andres, Parra, Denis, Lobel, Hans, and Soto, Alvaro
    Scientometrics 2020
  3. Algorithmic and HCI aspects for explaining recommendations of artistic images
    Dominguez, Vicente, Donoso-Guzmán, Ivania, Messina, Pablo, and Parra, Denis
    ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS) 2020
  4. Interpretable Contextual Team-aware Item Recommendation: Application in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games
    Villa, Andrés, Araujo, Vladimir, Cattan, Francisca, and Parra, Denis
    In Proceedings of the 14th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems 2020
  5. Latent Chords: Generative Piano Chord Synthesis with Variational Autoencoders
    Macaya, Agustin, Cadiz, Rodrigo, Cartagena, Manuel, and Parra, Denis
    In Proceedings of the HAI-GEN 2020 - IUI 2020 Workshop on Human-AI Co-Creation with Generative Models 2020
  6. The Effect of Explanations and Algorithmic Accuracy on Visual Recommender Systems of Artistic Images
    Dominguez, Vicente, Messina, Pablo, Donoso-Guzmán, Ivania, and Parra, Denis
    In 24th Conference on Intelligent User interfaces 2019
  7. Towards Explanations for Visual Recommender Systems of Artistic Images
    Dominguez, Vicente, Messina, Pablo, Trattner, Christoph, and Parra, Denis
    In Joint Workshop on Interfaces and Human Decision Making for Recommender Systems 2018
  8. Moodplay: Interactive Music Recommendation based on Artists’ Mood Similarity
    Andjelkovic, Ivana, Parra, Denis, and O’Donovan, John
    International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 2018
  9. Learning to Leverage Microblog Information for QA Retrieval
    Herrera, Jose, Poblete, Barbara, and Parra, Denis
    In Proceedings of the European Conference in Information Retrieval 2018
  10. pyRecLab: A Software Library for Quick Prototyping of Recommender Systems
    Sepulveda, Gabriel, and Parra, Denis
    In Proceedings of the Poster Track of the 11th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys 2017) 2017