AI applied to the Medical domain

Study and development of algorithms for medical applications, with special emphasis on the explainability of the models, and the design of interfaces for human-computer interaction. The are two main projects: applications with medical images and evidence-based medicine.


Pablo Messina, Pablo Pino, Andrés Carvallo, Ricardo Schilling, Tamara Covacevich, Gregory Schuit, Ria Deane, Daniel Florea, Vicente Castro, José Miguel Quintana


Cecilia Besa, Sergio Uribe, Marcelo Andía, Gabriel Rada

Latest publications

  1. Clinically Correct Report Generation from Chest X-Rays Using Templates
    Pino, Pablo, Parra, Denis, Besa, Cecilia, and Lagos, Claudio
    In Machine Learning in Medical Imaging 2021
  2. Automatic document screening of medical literature using word and text embeddings in an active learning setting
    Carvallo, Andres, Parra, Denis, Lobel, Hans, and Soto, Alvaro
    Scientometrics 2020
  3. Inspecting state of the art performance and NLP metrics in image-based medical report generation
    Pino, Pablo, Parra, Denis, Messina, Pablo, Besa, Cecilia, and Uribe, Sergio
    In Neural Information Processing Systems Conference: LatinX in AI (LXAI) Research Workshop 2020
  4. An Interactive Relevance Feedback Interface for Evidence-Based Health Care
    Donoso-Guzman, Ivania, and Parra, Denis
    In 23rd Conference on Intelligent User interfaces 2018
  5. Monitoring obesity prevalence in the United States through bookmarking activities in online food portals
    Trattner, Christoph, Parra, Denis, and Elsweiler, David
    PloS one 2017